Artist's Statement

"art offers an opening for the heart."

My latest series of work is a search for "spirit", the innate yearning for understanding the "great mystery". I use the rock form to represent basic primal manifested energy within our world. To me, these forms embody the experiences we all have in the unfolding of our lives. We create secrets-deep crevasses-or we open our consciousness to become more of who we truly are, layer upon layer. Each painting is meant to be a small universe that represents the microcosm within the macrocosm---the emergence of form, the syntheses of the concrete and spirit.

Texture has become a primary focus and the awareness of edges an adventure.
These paintings are journeys of my heart. My intention is for the paintings to become metaphors that reveal the truth we have within us but have forgotten.

Copyright 2007 Sharon Craft All Rights Reserved